A Tradition of Excellence

Gymnasium am Steinwald, founded in 1864, is a high school that combines a rich, over 150-year tradition of educational excellence with state-of-the-art facilities. Our historical buildings, constructed between 1952 and 1961, provide a unique and elegant backdrop for our students' learning journey.

At Gymnasium am Steinwald, we take pride in our academic profile and specializations. As a MINT-EC certified institution, we offer an enriched learning experience in Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences, and Technology. Our curriculum is carefully designed to stimulate and nurture the explorative and investigative instincts of young minds. Through hands-on experiments and collaborative research in small groups, our students engage in interactive learning and collectively interpret and present their discoveries.

We are also recognized as a KOSINUS school, celebrating exceptional students who excel in MINT subjects. These students are awarded a specialized MINT certificate upon graduation, highlighting their academic prowess and readiness for higher education and professional endeavors.

At Gymnasium am Steinwald, we believe in an innovative support concept called the “World of Learning.” This concept emphasizes methodical training and equips our students with the skills and autonomy for independent learning. Over the course of six years, our students receive approximately 40 instructional hours to develop comprehensive self-reliant learning and problem-solving techniques.

Come join us at Gymnasium am Steinwald and be part of our rich history and commitment to academic excellence.